Everything in the 80’s was cool, funky, fresh. The culture, the fashion, and don’t forget—the music. It is in these years where forest green and neon purple made for a fashion-forward palette. The 80’s playlist embodies the sense of flashy pomp and extravagance—from “Billie Jean” to “Don’t Stop Believin,”, these top-rated tunes make up the best karaoke songs and pop songs that people still jam to. So, whenever you are planning a night out near Tampa, find a local joint like The Basement where you can relax and feed your ears to the classic 80’s songs. Here’s our top 80’s playlist favorites.

I Wanna Dance with Somebody-Whitney Houston

When this song debuted, Whitney was still in her youthful, had a sweet voice and a bright future ahead of her. The message in this song is a strong sign of her power to bring warmth and positive vibes through her sonic sound—It’s a perfect party starter.

Don’t Stop Believin’ -Journey

With this one, the piano’s intro by Jonathan Cain’s just gets you swollen up with joy. The song starred Steve Perry’s elastic voice and is a classic you can’t get enough of—especially when you are out on a karaoke night.

Take on Me- A-ha

This song came to international recognition in 1985 with the help of its innovative video. Though the song was later sampled by Christina Aguilera and Pitbull, the original still ranks among the top 80’s classics. One of the fun things to do in Tampa at night is to choose a spot and sooth your soul with such classics.

Modern Love- David Bowie

This singer was very active in the music industry in the 80s. He was literally on every musical project that he could fit into. Before his career took a hit along the way, he had already recorded some of the best tracks of the 80s and listening to them in a cool joint proves to be one of the fun things to do in Tampa at night.

Into the Groove- Madonna

Years after the release of her hit song, Madonna claimed that she felt like a dork singing the hit. Despite her feeling about it, you can’t deny that singing this song at a karaoke would actually be among the fun things to do in Tampa at night alongside your friends.

Beat It- Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s funky side carried us away to the extent we almost forgot how awesome “Beat It” sounds. From the finger-busting solo to the sneer of the guitar, this track is a heavy one, both lyrically and sonically and fits a perfect night.

Blue Monday- New Order

Probably the longest song to appear on the U.K charts, this song is a great indicator of New Order’s evolution from post-punk to dance and later to Italo-disco. This one-time best-selling 12-inch single will surely light up your night whenever you are breezing the night away.

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