Many people feel a connection to a decade that we aren’t currently in. Most of the time it’s because they love the fashion, hairstyles, or lifestyle of that period. The 80s, for a lot of people, is that decade. No one knows if it’s because of the crimped teased hair, or the legwarmers, or perhaps it was the musical genius of Run DMC, Bon Jovi, Guns N’ Roses, or Def Leppard. Whatever the reason, people are still to this day drawn to the especially when it comes to a night out. People search for bars that play throwback 80s music that they could dance to and scream the lyrics to. Well, the people in Lutz are in luck! Bars in Tampa and the surrounding areas have listened to everyone’s cries for more of the 80s and one bar, in particular, The Basement is coming through in a big way. With their wide variety of craft beer, retro atmosphere, and 80s music the nostalgia you feel will transform right into your favorite decade! There is no need to search the internet for “80s nights at bars near me” anymore because it is always the 80s here!


Bars In Tampa Are Busting Out the 80s Moves

Great, you’ve located a bar that has 80s music, but do the dance moves of today translate back to those tunes? Probably not! The tempo, feel, and style of music is entirely different today than it was back then, which means it’s time to brush up on your 1980s moves!

  • The Moonwalk: You can’t talk about the 80s without mentioning MJ and the moonwalk. This dance move gives the illusion that the dancer is moving forward while they are actually gliding backwards. This move became famous in 1983, even though there is evidence dating it back to the 1930s!


  • The Prep: This dance move involves the dancer moving to one side while pointing their fingers to the side with their palms up. There have been a ton of variations of this dance done, including bouncing, shoulder popping, and swaying. The move was introduced in 1984.


  • The Wop: B-Fatt’s song Woppit made this dance move popular in 1986. It is done by bouncing up and down while punching your arm up to the opposite side.


  • The Biz: Biz Markie is responsible for this move, which is where the dancer hops to the side and swings their arms to the opposite side and if they want to get real funky, they’ll pop their hip out at the same time. We first saw this one in 1986 with the release of his song Biz Dance.


  • The Cabbage Patch: A lot of people say this dance move reminds them of churning butter and they’re right! In this move, a dancer has their firsts held out in front and move them in a circular motion in either direction along with their shoulders and abdomen. If the name sounds familiar it may be because of the popular doll, The Cabbage Patch, that was popular in the 1980s. This one made its debut in 1987.


  • The Kid n Play: This dance move was also known as the “Funky Charleston” because it pays homage to the 1920’s dance move, the Charleston. In this dance, there needs to be two dancers facing each other. They each step back and forward with their right foot kicking as they come back together. With their right foot still in a “kicking” position, the partners grab right hands and hop around in a circle. This moves make a great way to get down with a partner to 80s music. The move first came out when the hip-hop duo Kid ‘n Play released Gittin Funky in 1988. It is named after the pair and grew in popularity after their dance scene in the film House Party.

These are just some of the amazing moves that the 1980s gave us! So next time you find yourself searching “80s night at a bar near me” make sure you throw on some 80s jams and brush up on these moves first!


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