Do not waste your time searching “bars near me” when you could instead be going to a bar that gives you the option of being a member and getting more for your money. The Basement in Lutz, FL is the bar with the stellar membership for you. We pride ourselves in being innovative and unique in providing a themed, retro experience for all of our customers. To make our bar even more enjoyable and to give back to our loyal customers, we also have varying membership options. If you would like to learn more about our memberships, contact us at The Basement today or visit our website for more information.

Which Membership Plan Should You Choose?


At The Basement, we do not just specialize in creating a unique bar environment; we also make sure to give back to those loyal customers who cannot get enough of our space. For them, we offer memberships that not only give them a better opportunity to have a great time, but also save them some money as well. This is especially the case for our customers who truly love beer. We have two membership options available:


  •       Silver: You receive a personalized pint glass with your name engraved on it, two free draft pours at every visit, extended happy hours every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 5 to 10 PM, and 10% off merchandise from The Basement.
  •       Gold: You get the same personalized pint glass with your name engraved on it from the Silver membership. You also receive the two free draft pours at every visit, but your extended happy hours are available seven days a week from 5 to 10 PM rather than just three days a week, and you get a free The Basement t-shirt as well as the same 10% off discount from merchandise from The Basement!

Stop Searching “Bars Near Me” & See What We Offer


If you have been searching “bars near me,” you may end up with many results that do not quite suit the good time you’re looking for. Each bar, after all, has a different vibe, and can suit very different clientele. You cannot simply go to the bar closest to you to find a bar that you love, you have to choose one that will really have the quality that you are searching for.

That bar in Lutz is The Basement. The Basement is an 80s themed bar that immerses you in an entirely different world than what you are used to. At our bar, you have the opportunity to escape your daily life and go to a place that is completely out of the ordinary. To learn more about our bar and our membership plans, contact us at The Basement today.


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The Basement is a bar located in Lutz, FL that offers a totally distinct experience from every other bar available. Unlike anywhere else, The Basement is a retro, 80s themed bar that has, among other things, trivia, happy hours, and a number of awesome events. If you would like to learn more about our bar and our membership, contact us at The Basement today.