The 80s were a fantastic time for fashion trends, and there are many trends that are making their way back into popular culture. The Basement, one of the best bars in Tampa, is a great place to try out these trends for yourself. The fact of the matter is that fashion is cyclical and many trends that may have been considered outdated for the past several years are now making their way back into the spotlight. This is excellent news for anyone who grew up in the 80s and wants to relive their glory days. If you are searching for a place to do this and you have been searching “bars near me,” visit The Basement or check out our website today.

What Trends are Making a Comeback

Several fashion trends seem to be back in the public eye as the years pass. One that is evident in accessories today all throughout the country is scrunchies. While there was a long period of time that scrunchies were considered to be tacky and dated, scrunchies are now making their way back into the public eye with updated patterns and designs.

Another huge 80s trend that is almost impossible to avoid in the recent years is the reintroduction of leggings. While as recently as a decade ago, leggings were considered inappropriate and people did not consider them to be interchangeable for other pant options, leggings are now as popular as they once were in the 80s. Even printed leggings with bright colors or intricate designs are not considered entirely outlandish. What is more, oversized sweaters—occasionally even vintage 80s sweaters—are commonly worn with leggings for an updated relaxed look.

There are many others that have wormed their way into the public eye. As we continue to obsess over the 80s and stay fascinated by everything that came from it, we will see more and more trends continue to make their way back into popular culture.

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