The Basement is more than just another bar; it is your next birthday party venue near Tampa. Many people often search for interesting and innovative places to hold their birthdays. They will become unimpressed with all the different venues that are available to them. Instead of getting a typical bar for your next birthday party, try something entirely new and hold your birthday at one of the most unique places in Tampa. If you are looking for fun things to do in Tampa at night or you would like to book us for your next birthday, contact us at The Basement today.

A Retro Birthday Party Venue

It can be difficult to select a venue for your next party. You may feel as though you are too much of an adult for a child’s party and you may look at different bars to find the right one to host you and your friends. However, there is something of whimsy and childishness that lies in all of us that wants to enjoy a themed party just as we did as children. That is what The Basement can do for you. The Basement is a place for adults to become kids again and try out something that will remind them of a fun time in their lives.

Because we are not just a bar, you can also make your bar completely comprehensive and exciting. For instance, you can have karaoke at the party and immerse your guests in a totally interesting and freeing experience. You can even have trivia at your party and see how many of your guests can recall things from their 80s filled childhood.

Looking for Fun Things to Do in Tampa at Night?

Your next birthday party does not have to take place at just another restaurant or in your home. You can switch up the monotony and try something completely unexpected. The Basement can provide you with an experience you are bound never to forget. We accommodate you and your group so that you can get the most out of your party. We understand that it is a special time in your life and we want you to feel how precious each moment is. That is why we work hard to make the experience truly memorable. If you are interested in learning more, contact us today, you can also view our gallery.

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The Basement is a retro-themed bar located near Tampa, Florida. At The Basement, you can get a completely themed experience and feel as though you have been transported back to the 80s. For your birthday, this can be a truly unique and fun experience, not only for yourself but for all of your guests. You can provide them with something that they will never forget and something that will remind them of a totally different time in their lives. If you are interested in learning more about booking The Basement for your next birthday party or you are just looking for fun things to do in Tampa at night, contact us today.