Tampa nightlife is a wonderful thing to experience, and whether you’re a local of the area or visiting from somewhere else, you will want to go out and have a good time and enjoy the local scenery. Tampa boasts a variety of fantastic bars of all different styles and demographics, so that there is something for everyone. From dollar-shot, frat-infested party hotspots for the youth to sophisticated, upscale steakhouses where you can order a martini worthy of James Bond, there’s something for everyone here in the city area. There is no shortage of fun things to do in Tampa at night. At The Basement, we have it all- great drink specials and craft beer, karaoke, a dance floor- all bathed in 80’s nostalgia and soundtracked to 80’s hits. If you’re looking for “drink specials near me,” call or come check out The Basement today!


Fantastic Craft Beer and Drink Specials


One of the pleasures of drinking as an adult is being able to develop your palate and have a drink that you enjoy. Craft beer culture has been expanding across the world for generations, and here at The Basement  in Lutz, FL, we provide an array of fantastic craft beers at affordable prices and also host amazing drink specials so that you can go hard when going out while still going easy on your wallet. Here at The Basement we celebrate craft beer culture by offering some of the best craft beer selections at a party bar in Florida, as a homage to the criticalness of craft beer to the American way of life. On top of this, we also offer a beer membership so that you are able to try a new beer every time you visit our wonderful bar. Learn more about our beers and check them out for yourself (the best way to check out our craft beers is to come down and taste them!) by coming down to The Basement with your friends and family today!


So what is craft beer and what do we offer? One of the mainstays of American drinking culture, craft beer has been around since the inception of the country and farmers brewed their own beverages. The hallmarks of craft beer are that they are small, independent,and traditional. The production of craft beer is based on the idea of innovation and uniqueness, which are concepts that are also hallmarks of American culture. Very distinct images have been drawn by many craft brewers in order to set themselves apart from the crowd and stand out amongst their competitors. Craft beer delivers brand-new twists on classic styles as well as totally innovative new brews. Here at The Basement, we provide an incredible selection of craft beers and also amazing drink specials to go along with our fun-loving vibe to create the perfect bar experience. With our annual memberships, you are sure to discover a craft beer that fits your specific personality and palate.


Some of the Best Drink Specials Near Me


If you’re looking for fun things to do in Tampa at night, you need to come and check us out at The Basement in Lutz. Founded by a husband and wife duo who remained in love with the bold colors, big hair, and rockin’ tunes of the 80’s, they’ve created a capsule experience that brings you the best of the 80s so that you can immerse yourself in 80s nostalgia. Our wind and beer bar not only boasts some of the best happy hours and drink specials in the Tampa area, but also offers a yearly beer memberships so that you can continue to enjoy our amazing drink deals and get rewarded for it! Our one year silver membership allows for your name to be engraved on a 16 oz. pint glass and also 2 free draft pours per visit, and grants you extended happy hour prices Monday to Wednesday (5-10 pm), along with 10% off basement swag. Our gold membership lasts for 2 years and you get 2 free draft pours per visit, extended happy hour prices 7 days a week (5-10 pm), a free Basement tee shirt, 10% off Basement swag, and your name engraved on a 16 oz. pint glass.


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If you’re looking for fun things to do in Tampa at night, hit up The Basement, especially if you’re trying to find 80’s nostalgia and the best “drink specials near me”! Call us today or just walk right in!