If you have searched for “fun things to do in Tampa at night,” look no further than The Basement in Lutz, FL. We are a new 80s themed bar near Tampa that is here to provide you with an experience you will never forget. We offer a number of fun and interesting activities to fully immerse you in the 80s theme and make you forget that any time has passed at all. Do not wait another night and contact us at The Basement, visit our website to see all of the things that we have to offer, and stop by tonight!


How Often Have You Searched “Fun Things to Do in Tampa at Night”?


If you are in Tampa at night, then you know that the number of options for things you to do is abundant. There are frequently new places opening, and it can be a vibrant town to spend time in. Even as residents, you may find that you never quite know all that Tampa has to offer. This is why you may have, at some point, found yourself searching for “fun things to do in Tampa at night.”

Now your search is over. The Basement is a new bar in Lutz, FL, owned by a husband and wife, that is Tampa’s newest hotspot for a retro feel. Celebrating the 80s, we embrace the era with full force and give everyone an experience that they will truly love. Come dressed up or come in your regular attire; either way, come to have fun and try something totally new. You can stop in for a drink and take in the environment to take yourself out of your regular life for a few hours. Transport yourself to the 80s and enjoy the sensation of being in a familiar and yet completely unfamiliar space all at the same time.


A Retro Bar in a Modern Town


The day to day rush in Tampa can be overwhelming and it can be necessary for anyone to take a break from it all to escape. That is what The Basement is there for. With our themed, interesting ambiance, you can find a place to transform and sample a drink in the company of friends.

We offer a number of services and products including drinks and snacks as well as food trucks available near the bar and trivia, karaoke, as well as the ability to rent out the space for weddings, birthdays, and other events. You can also purchase memberships to the bar, which will grant you special deals on drinks and other cool merchandise.


Contact Us


Located near Tampa, The Basement is a new, themed bar in Lutz that embraces and exudes all of the fun and vibrancy of the 80s. To learn more about us and all of our services or to see our hours of operation, visit our website or contact us at The Basement to have a fun night in an 80s paradise.