Karaoke is one of America’s favorite fun activity and many people relax and unwind by going to a happening karaoke place that offers decent drinks too. The Basement in Wesley Chapel Florkaida a perfect place for karaoke near me and hang out with your friends. 

A Brief History Before You Look For Karaoke Near Me

Japan is a technological giant and it is considered the pioneer of robotics, cars, and electronic gadgets. However, you may be surprised to know that Japan invented Karaoke! It was in the 1970s when Daisuke Inoue a Japanese Inventor manufactured the first karaoke. Inoue was invited to an insurance company to entertain their trade show guests. He couldn’t be available for the show but instead, he sent a machine that allowed a person to sing along to a pre-recorded song.


Now that you know about the history of Karaoke, come to the best 80s song that is perfect for a karaoke showdown between you and your friends. We have compiled a list of the most popular 80s songs for a fun karaoke night, let’s see how many song lyrics do you know!

1. I Wanna Dance with Somebody by Whitney Houston

I wanna dance with somebody is 1987 classic sung by the legendary Whitney Houston. Back in 1987 when the song was, released Houston was a fresh new face with a crystal clear voice. Some people believe that the song is more about loneliness than love but the positivity and warmth that radiates from the lyrics make it the best song for a karaoke night at any bars near me.

2. Beat It by Michael Jackson

Legendary song by a legendary singer, Beat It is the one song that everyone is willing to try at a karaoke bar. The lyrics of the song depicts the harsh realities of a street fighter’s life and they can be used to intimidate your opponents in the karaoke battle. Try singing one of the biggest hits at a popular karaoke bar.

3. Faith by George Michael

This 80s hit single was produced by George Michael and it was one of the biggest hits of the 80s era. The video for the song was based on old-fashioned rock and roll with leather jackets and massive jukeboxes. Make sure to choose this song when you visit one of the many karaoke bars near me and see if you can hit the same notes as George Michael.

4. Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns and Roses

Guns and Roses need no introduction as they ruled most of the 80s by their compelling melodies and iconic guitar riffs. Challenge your entire entourage to sing the song as a band during your next visit to one of the many karaoke bars near me in Florida.

5. Running Up The Hills by Kate Bush

Now here’s a song that can challenge even the best karaoke singer in the group. Singing to running up the hills by Kate Bush, one of the best song and biggest hit singles to come from the 80s music is nothing short of a challenge.

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The Basement in Wesley Chapel Florida a perfect place for karaoke near me and hang out with your friends. Contact us for more information and reservations for private parties.