All the singles ladies… now put your hands up! In the words of Queen Bee, Beyonce, you are up in the club because you just broke up and now you’re doing your own little thing. Head on down to The Basement near Tampa. We have just the comfort you need to make the most out of your night being a single lady! We are the prime destination for meeting singles. Never again will you have to ask Siri where there’s “bars near me.”


You Are Not Trolling

We know a familiar term with hanging at a bar single is deemed as trolling to some, but we are in 2018 people! Do not let others bring you down. You do you, boo! Think about it. You end up talking to people you normally wouldn’t. What a great experience. You will hear fascinating stories and get better at perceiving the world around you. Also, the best part is that you will learn how to be alone. That alone is a blessing in disguise.


Maybe you are a person who is freaked out about being in a bar alone. That is okay. You can still go with your friends and take advantage of your single status. The best part about bringing your friends along for this adventure is they are the best hype team you can ask for. They will egg you on to talk to everyone you encounter and will constantly pep you up. The best part of being single is you can happily take advantage of all the things you could not usually do if you were involved. We are the best option out of the “bars near me.”


Things Single Ladies Can Do At A Bar

  • Slip a guy your phone number
  • You can have your friend slip a guy your number
  • Practice your flirting
  • Get to know your bartender
  • Get free drinks
  • People-watch
  • Read a book
  • Treat yourself to a nice meal


Don’t Have Friends To Join You?

That is no worry! Remember, there is no shame in going to a bar alone. No shame at all. Whether you’ve had a long day at work, got a craving for a martini, or are in the mood to go out, but none of your friends are handy, there are plenty of reasons why you would go to a bar alone. Here are some tips to ensure you are prepared for your solo night out. Remember the key is confidence.

  • Primp yourself and dress in a way that makes you the most confident.
  • Make sure you walk in happy to be alone
  • Choose the right bar for you (preferably a fun edgy 80’s themed bar)
  • Sit at the bar, not a table. It is less intimidating.
  • Bring something you can use as an icebreaker (keep yourself occupied)
  • Chat and communicate with the people around you


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We are the perfect destination for single bargoers for meeting singles and having a good time. Celebrate your independence. Sing some Madonna and practice your moonwalk. Located near Tampa, The Basement is the bar you need to be at this weekend. You’re about to experience a night to remember. Don’t spend hours researching bars near me. You just found it. Call us today for more information.